Our Approach

As Americans we are becoming more divided day after day. Whether you are on the Red team, Blue team or no team at all, everyone is resistant to hearing the other persons point of view. This great country was built on debate and compromise. Our forefathers argued day on night over the language in the constitution! But, as you can see the American plan has been a wonderful success. Common Ground was envisioned to bring two opposing points of view together to discuss the differences and hopefully find some middle ground. At the end of the day, you don’t have to agree with your adversary, you just need to understand and respect their position.

We Discuss, You Decide.

Our Story

I have run for political office many times and have met many people with different perspectives along the way. During my last campaign, as I spoke to community residents with broad opinions, I started to ask. “Don’t you think it would be nice to discuss the other side of the argument and maybe meet on common ground?”. Most of the people agreed we need compromise to move forward. When I lost in my election, I contacted Marc Wariner of KVGI and pitched the idea for the show. I told him Sherrie Salas, political and community activitst would co-host and we would bring in opposing views to discuss national and local issues. Marc of course said it was a great idea and here we are, live on the radio.

Meet the Team

Steve Noskin

Host-While presenting serious topics, Steve will try and keep the conversation light and fun.

Sherrie Salas

Co-Host-Sherrie is not the type of person to sit still when she hears something they may not be just right. Sherrie does her research and keeps our guests on target with accurate statements.

Marianne Noskin

Contributor-Marianne is our in house health expert. Each week she will introduce new natural remedies to make you feel more energetic and healthy.


If you would like to contact us, please email us at noskin.commonground@gmail.com.